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Electrochemical deposition of Co-Sb nanowire arrays into titania nanotubes

Mariana Prodana, Liana Anicai, Daniela Ionita, Andrei Stoian, Dionezie Bojin, Marius Enachescu


Nanostructured materials show novel physical and chemical properties, different from those in bulk, Co-Sb nanowires being one of the most promising material with thermoelectric and remarkable electrical properties. The properties of these materials are largely affected by doping. Arrays of Co-Sb nanowires, with and without doping with iron, have been prepared by electrodeposition into self-aligned titania nanotubes (TiO2-NT). Titania nanotubes were obtained by anodization method. The nanowires deposited into titania nanotubes arrays have been investigated by SEM, EDS, FTIR and contact angle methods. Impedance spectroscopy studies (EIS) were performed and the micro-hardness (Vickers -µHV) of samples was determined.

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