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Solid waste incineration of residues- a clean technology

Wächter Mihail Reinhold, Ioan Neamt, Ioana Ionel


Waste is ecologically a major risk for the environment, but still can be reused as energy source. The co-combustion of municipal waste or even the independent use, according to its lower calorific value represents a challenge that is state or art already. Thus clean energy is resulting, as the emitted CO2 can be considered neutral. Advantages and disadvantages are presented. But still the major problem of using the ash and reducing the local pollution, in air or soil, remains a risk. The present paper brings some solutions concerning the use of the dense slurry technology as well for the case of waste incinerators. Waste management gives thus a solution for such residues that are normally ending in land filling disposal.  One of the major problems arise from land filling is the contamination of the environment with harmful substances that can be transmitted by leaching.

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